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100 Years: The Rockefeller Foundation chronicles the growth of a philanthropic organization from bold plans to eradicate disease and hunger at the dawn of the twentieth century to a global network of initiatives dedicated to scientific research and building social capital in the twenty-first. Exhibits on agriculture, peace and conflict, culture, education, health, sciences and social sciences highlight the Foundation’s diverse interests and projects over the last one hundred years. An exhibit tracing the Foundation’s evolution guides readers through the many organizational changes that have influenced Foundation policy and programs. Biographical essays illuminate influential personalities throughout the Foundation’s history, while a map feature locates sites of Foundation activity across the globe.

This website showcases selected images, documents, and films from the Rockefeller Foundation collection held at the Rockefeller Archive Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Contextual essays are provided alongside the digital resources in order to provide a thorough history of the site’s featured topics. Resources for teachers can be found under Teaching Modules. These modules provide several question-based lesson plans for high school teachers. In addition to contextual material for teachers, primary source material has been digitized for use in the classroom.

100 Years: The Rockefeller Foundation is an initiative of the Rockefeller Archive Center and has been funded in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation in recognition of its centennial year. This website serves as a portal for students, researchers or any other interested persons wishing to know more about the history of the Rockefeller Foundation. The documents and images on this site represent only a very small portion of the holdings of the Rockefeller Archive Center. For descriptions of additional resources, or to schedule an appointment to view collection materials, visit the Rockefeller Archive Center website.

100 Years: The Rockefeller Foundation Website Team:
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Laura Miller, Historian
Sibyl Schaefer, Assistant Director, Head of Digital Programs, RAC
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Digital Reproductions and Description
Lucas Buresch, RAC
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Jessica Solcz
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